GTA 5 PC Online 1.44 Mod Menu – Verticous 4.2 w Money Stealth & RP + Remote Options (FREE DOWNLOAD)

How to install this gta 5 moddownload modification

You can download from here

►Direction/Steps/Tutorial (English):


1. Download the file
2. Put the USB in PC
3. Format your USB to “FAT32”
3. Open the downloaded program
4. Click Install
5. Choose your USB.
6. Click “Extract”
7. Put the USB in your console.
8. Go to Back Up Utility
9. Go to Restore
10. Choose the USB DEVICE
11. Choose the GTA V Folder and just wait and its done
12. You now have a Mod menu in GTA V!!!
This works Offline & Online.
13. Enjoy and share with your friends!!!

Controls (PC):

Numpad Keys = Navigate
Insert = Open The Menu
Numpad 0 = Back

Controls (Xbox)

LB – Open the menu
LT & RT – Navigation
X – Activation
B – Exit submenu
RS – Close menu

Controls (PS)

L2 – Open the menu
L1& R1 – Navigation
Square – Activation
Circle – Exit submenu
R3 – Close menu

If you are looking for gta mod menu

you have visited the best place online.

In this guide, I’m gonna show how it is working and how you should use and why you need to don’t trust other mods.

A gta mod menuData

This tool named group developed this mod tool more than 7 months.

By using this mod tool you will be able easy to receive XP to your game account. Right now there zero questions about, we love to play game however mod limitation in the online game is not fun at all,

we developed this tool to make a online game excellent again.

Software package information of gta mod menu

We looked at other web-sites with a similar generators and tested many of them, sadly, Just About All of those websites are frauds and didn’t work correctly.

They often appear legit however later just ask to fill out a survey.

So why choose the game mod?

Simple questions why choose this game mod is here
We can easily provide real mod to your account without having errors like any other web pages do, it is really easy to add mod to account in case you using this correctly.

Proven tips for? VERY IMPORTANT !!!

Simple guide how quickly to receive mod1 in this video game:

1. Go to the web site here or click on a photo, before you decide to click on you should look at whole guide to prevent issues !
2.Type in your username .
3. Type in exactly how much mod you want to get it is really important to please choose between 50 000 up to 800 000. Why is important? Because I tested this technique around 5 – 8 times with many game 5 accounts Xbox One and PC, and sometimes when i typing in below 10 000 or far more than 1000 000 you cannot get mod to your account and you have to regenerate one more time… I have no idea why it does work like this however it looks like programmers created glitch by creating it.
4. Click button generate
5. This mod works best with Google Chrome ( You can get from here ) only for Windows customers. If you using other OS it should be fine to work with.
6. You’ll need complete fill offer in “Human Verification Required ” zone. If you using a Smartphone it is a lot easier compared to using through Computer, mainly because once you using a android phone or iPhone you just need to get application install to your mobile phone and you ready to complete game verification.

What if still not working?

We got couple of emails from our visitors with problem … I can’t get mod into the game account … 60 % often the trouble with username you most likely entered incorrect consumer identity.

Please check your login name twice also you should check how much mod you entered “mod” area in an online generator, you need to read ways to use the program again and follow rule # 3. If you have problems you should get in touch here or create a comment.

What direction to go if still not working? Please refresh this page ,try to generate mod once more time, than login to your game account, look at the balance, than reboot your mobile phone console,Computer,

wait up to 30 minutes and then try once again, occasionally web servers are overload. We working relating to this issue however we want paypal donation to get better hosting server to supply game mod glitch for all GAME players with no issues.

gta mod menu definitely not working ?

If you see this message this mainly because game Web servers are down right now and you need wait 2 – 3 hrs and to try mod tool once again.

How exactly does it work?

True tale regarding gta mod menu

This tool goes directly to game web servers and updating the Secure E E E – 1024 bit Security algorithm through inserting SQL and mysql information with your USername details into web servers.

Problem of servers

It’s a small glitch on this online game, so you can use with the short period of time, the glitch bug possible will be fixed quickly, however our company working hard to get issues in web servers and help you get mod on the web fast and simple.

Secure to be able to use ?

It’s truly safe to use it. I received a lot of happy consumers emails with no problems about frozen or banned accounts.

Am I Able To show to friends?

You may share this site with friends however I not really advise use your friend login name account to get mod , 80 % of the time your friend won’t receive mod for the reason that

he need fill verification on it’s own. It’s much wiser send out a link to his facebook, twitter account or share in your wall.

Scam websites

I have small list of the web pages which can not give you working tool.

All discussion board websites with fake generators not working, if you see something like this image Avoid Using it’s fake .
Also never ever mouse click on a web site from not only discussion boards but also coming from website comments or facebook spammy. People like spamming with fake generators to get your attention in case you smart … avoid those and not waste time.


There’s not a lot of Good mods online, possibly just 2 – 3 % can be legit all the other are frauds.If you want real mod in the game, use this generator if you wish to waste time … Use those which you found on the community forums or website comments.

How to install ?

  1. Download file from here 

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