how to mod gta 5 online xbox one money

How to install this gta 5 moddownload modification

You can download from here

â–ºDirection/Steps/Tutorial (English):


1. Download the file
2. Put the USB in PC
3. Format your USB to “FAT32”
3. Open the downloaded program
4. Click Install
5. Choose your USB.
6. Click “Extract”
7. Put the USB in your console.
8. Go to Back Up Utility
9. Go to Restore
10. Choose the USB DEVICE
11. Choose the GTA V Folder and just wait and its done
12. You now have a Mod menu in GTA V!!!
This works Offline & Online.
13. Enjoy and share with your friends!!!

Controls (PC):

Numpad Keys = Navigate
Insert = Open The Menu
Numpad 0 = Back

Controls (Xbox)

LB – Open the menu
LT & RT – Navigation
X – Activation
B – Exit submenu
RS – Close menu

Controls (PS)

L2 – Open the menu
L1& R1 – Navigation
Square – Activation
Circle – Exit submenu
R3 – Close menu


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